About Mandia

Over the past couple of years, Ottawa Pop/R&B/Soul sensation Mandia has released a quartet of phenomenally well-crafted, radio-friendly, memorable and danceable songs that point to the genuine rise of a new Canadian musical sensation.

Working in tandem with some of the top writers and producers in the music industry, many of whom clamoured for the chance to collaborate with this gifted 19 year-old Canadian songstress, the singles Never Again, One Last Time, Smile and Rising Up are indicative of the growing proficiency of Mandia as a songwriting force and her inescapable maturity and seasoning as a vocalist and performer.

She is also enthusiastic about using her talents for worthy causes. In the midst of an already jam-packed past year, Mandia was also asked to take part in a special tour entitled Call to Peace in the United States to perform alongside with Jacob Latimore, OMG Girlz and Trevor Jackson. This anti-bullying and antiviolence program features speakers and performers and was directed at teens.